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Exploring the Possibilities of Scanner via Cell Phone: Tips and Tricks

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If you still doubt that with your smartphone in hand it is possible to do a thousand and one things, in today’s post I will show you another use: scanner via cell phone.

Do you remember those huge old scanners? Well, the scanner via cell phone can certainly replace them.

And the most interesting thing of all is that the cell phone scanner is not just for scanning documents and photos, it can be used for other things too.


If you want to know all the possibilities of the scanner via cell phone, then you are in the right place. Check it out below!

The Multiple Facets of Cell Phone Scanning

Contrary to what many imagine, scanner via cell phone can have multiple facets that will leave you speechless. Check out some of them:


  • Document scanning: You can use your device to scan paper documents such as receipts, contracts, business cards, notes, and more.
  • Photo Digitization: Using the scanner via cell phone, you can digitize images and photos, which helps a lot when sharing or even preserving old photos.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): There are several cell phone scanner apps that offer OCR features, which allow you to convert text in scanned documents into editable text.
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanner: Cell phones can be used to scan barcodes and QR codes to obtain additional information about products, websites or contact information.

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Preparing Your Phone for Scanning

If you want to use the scanner via cell phone, some steps can help you prepare your device:

  1. Install a Scanner application;
  2. Adjust camera settings;
  3. Prepare the document you want to scan;
  4. Position the cell phone;
  5. Capture the image;
  6. Adjustment and cropping;
  7. Choose the output format;
  8. Save and share.

Tips for Scanning Documents with Quality

Scanning may seem like a simple task, however it is necessary to take some care to ensure that the information is legible and useful. See some tips below:

  1. Choose a bright environment: When scanning the document, choose a well-lit and shadow-free environment.
  2. Keep the document flat: Place it on a flat surface to avoid image distortion.
  3. Align the document correctly: Position the document so that it is perfectly aligned with the edges of the scanning area.
  4. Avoid reflections: Make sure light is not reflecting off the surface of the document, which can cause reflections and affect the quality of the scan.
  5. Check the resolution: Make sure the scan resolution is high enough to keep the text and details sharp.

Making the most of QR Codes

The QR Code (Quick Response) is another modern invention that we have to agree that speeds up several processes in our routine. We can use them to: quickly access information, view restaurant menus and menus, check-in and payments, share Wi-Fi, and much more.

Image and Photo Scanner: Preserving Memories

Our photographic memories can be a great treasure, they are unique moments that will never come back. And for those who want to eternize these moments and preserve memories, the scanner via cell phone allows you to do this very easily. Just download a scanner app on your device and scan as many images and photos as you want in a few seconds.

Barcode Scanner to Save Money

There are several apps to decode the barcodes of thousands of products and display information about them, such as price, name and other relevant data. With this information in hand, you can compare prices in different stores without having to travel or search on the internet. This way, the app helps you save money by comparing the product at the lowest price available on the market.

Discovering Palmistry with Your Cell Phone

This is one of the most interesting peculiarities of the scanner via cell phone. Know that there are several applications that offer palmistry readings, allowing users to take photos of their hands and receive interpretations of the lines, mounds and shapes of the fingers in seconds.

Recommended Applications for Scanning

Now that you know a little more about cell phone scanning, how about getting your hands dirty? Check out some of the best apps below:

  • CamScanner;
  • SimpleScan;
  • Adobe Scan;
  • Scanbot;
  • GeniusScan;
  • 1300TurboScan.

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As you can see, scanning using your cell phone is not that difficult. With all the information offered in today’s post you can become the master of the scanner via cell phone. Your device can become a versatile tool always ready to be used whenever and wherever you want.

So, now that you know all these possibilities, how about exploring the full potential of your cell phone? It’s amazing how this little tool can make life more convenient and fun.

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