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Discover the World with Free Offline GPS

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Think with me here: imagine that you are in the middle of nature, in an area far from the city, and you want to find your way back safely. But how do you do this if you have no internet connection?

Unquestionably a free offline GPS app would be your solution!

The good news is that this doesn’t need to remain in your imagination any longer. Offline GPS apps are now available and accessible at your fingertips.


The technological revolution has brought with it several conveniences to our daily lives, and the ability to navigate the world is one of them. However, when connectivity is interrupted, free offline GPS apps come to the rescue!

If you’re planning an adventure or a trip somewhere remote or out of town, getting lost won’t be a problem anymore! The perfect solution for you is in this post.


A free offline GPS app will become your best ally. Keep reading and find out below which ones are the best!

Offline Navigation with Google Maps

Offline NavigationGoogle MapsFind local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google MapsSee Now You will be redirected to another website

If you want to have a complete navigation and offline maps app on your mobile device, Google Maps is certainly one of the best options. The platform is well known and used around the world by millions of users daily. In addition to its many features, it also has an offline mode so that browsing is not interrupted due to lack of an internet connection.

Using offline maps, there is no need to stop using the app if the internet goes out. What’s more, this feature even serves to save mobile data and cell phone battery. To use the service, you must download the maps to your device that will be used during navigation. This procedure must be done using a Wi-Fi network.

I can’t help but mention that maps can take up a lot of space on your device’s storage. However, the app offers the possibility of downloading the region or just the route you will use. Remembering that downloaded maps are valid for 30 days. After this period they must be updated if you wish to browse them again.
update them.

Available for Android and iOS devices.

Exploring the Planet with Offline GPS

The lack of internet does not have to be another impediment to exploring the world. With the Offline GPS application you can arrive safely and calmly at your destination, even in remote areas.

To start navigating offline, simply select your destination and download the map. The application also allows you to select the viewing mode of the graphics, choosing between 2D or 3D. This option is also available for those on foot.

Furthermore, using free offline GPS, users can receive information about nearby points of interest during navigation, such as bank branches, public transport, establishments, and much more. It also has other interesting features, such as voice command instructions, vehicle camera, and head-up display.

It is available for Android.

HERE WeGo Offline

Offline NavigationHere WeGoCollections. Overview Image. Save the places you like and take them with you everywhere. See Now You will be redirected to another website

You may have already heard about this application that used to be called Here Maps, but has now changed its name. It is a great option for those who want to quickly access offline maps. They must be downloaded free of charge onto your mobile device.

As I mentioned previously, downloaded maps can take up a lot of space in your cell phone’s memory depending on the country or continent. However, if the user wishes, they can save only specific regions. During offline navigation, it also includes public transport routes and indication of nearby points of interest.

Available for Android and iOS devices.

Free Advanced Features

Free advanced features may vary from one app to another. Discover some common features that can be found in a free offline GPS application:

  1. Voice Guidance: This feature provides spoken driving instructions, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road!
  2. Advanced route planning: Allows you to customize the routes of your next trip with multiple stops, avoiding tolls, railways, among others.
  3. Traffic and speed camera alerts: Some apps include real-time traffic information and speed camera alerts. This helps avoid delays and unwanted traffic fines.
  4. Different driving modes: With this feature you can change driving modes, such as night mode, battery saving mode and pedestrian mode.
  5. Travel history: Record your travel history, which can be used for future reference.

Tips for successful offline browsing

Check out some simple tips below that will help you have better offline navigation:

  • Keep your maps up to date;
  • Make sure your device is charged before leaving;
  • Use a car mount to keep your device accessible and visible while driving.
  • Configure browsing preferences;
  • Get familiar with all the functionalities of your free offline GPS app.
  • Before embarking on a long trip, take a test route in a familiar area.
  • Keep up to date with traffic;
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, using voice guidance to get directions.


The navigation offline is easier than ever thanks to offline GPS apps. You no longer have to worry about getting lost in remote areas or when your internet connection fails. Additionally, apps can offer advanced features such as voice guidance, personalized route planning, traffic and speed camera alerts, varied driving modes, and trip history.

With all these simple tips, you are now ready and prepared to explore the world with confidence and peace of mind!

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