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Wi-Fi for Small Businesses: Tips for a Connected Environment

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Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how big a company is or what its activity is, having a quality internet connection is essential.

Wi-Fi is an incredible technological advance that emerged a few years ago, where its main feature in an office or company is to allow continuous access to the internet without having to have cables lying everywhere.

However, sometimes the connection in small companies can become a little slow and unstable, thus hampering the work performance of employees. Or even there is a high probability of hacker attacks, which can immediately put the company’s financial health at risk.


Definitely a weak Wi-Fi signal can definitely give a lot of headaches to both employees and business owners. However, there are some simple tips that can be put into practice to improve the signal in small businesses. See below!

Configuring Separate Networks: Offer Wi-Fi to Employees and Visitors

Sharing the same network for everyone is not the best option for maintaining security. It is not always possible to know what people’s intentions are, and in these cases it is best to set up separate networks and avoid security risks.


Therefore, it is possible to create a network just for employees and visitors, completely separate from the main one. Even in this separate network you can place several restrictions, thus preventing malicious people from exploiting your connection or carrying out any illegal activity. Remember, all care is little!

Therefore, when creating a separate network from the main one, users will not be able to access any other device, whether printer or server, being restricted solely and exclusively to their own gadget. As well, these networks shield the trafficked data, and prevent the spread of viruses, malware, among others.

And to perform this configuration is very simple. Most modern routers already have settings to activate a network for visitors only, and in the case of companies, for employees.

Device Prioritization: Ensure stable performance for essential tasks

A good internet connection is essential to streamline the company’s processes and services, which is why it is so important to prioritize the devices that use it.

There are certain things like video calls or streaming on multiple devices that can cause the signal to become weak even on the strongest networks. The problem in some cases may be the connection capacity and not the signal strength.

In this way, to maximize the company’s signal, it is necessary to manage heavy bandwidth users, thus preventing them from stealing from others.

That is why it is so important, as mentioned above, to create a network for guests and employees. With this separation it will be possible to guarantee the stable performance of the internet to carry out the essential tasks.

Security solutions: protect your network against threats and unauthorized access

When it comes to protecting the network, the best alternative is to invest in security, such as antivirus firewalls. These directly help prevent threats from acting within the connections of the company’s devices and systems.

It is also recommended to create an Information Security Policy. In this document are the rules and good practices for employees to use the network, software and other equipment within the company correctly.

Another form of protection is the use of strong Wi-Fi passwords. The more complicated the better, putting numbers, letters and symbols. This prevents unauthorized persons from using the network.

Avoid obstacles and sources of interference

Often the location of the router or the position can directly interfere with the signal. For example, if the device is behind a large reception desk or even in a crowded archive, the tendency is for the signal to become weaker.

It is best to position the router in a location where office furniture does not obstruct the signal path. In this way, avoid stairs, large furniture, closets and concrete walls.

It is also worth mentioning that Bluetooth can cause interference with the router. Therefore, avoid placing objects nearby, such as cordless phones, printers, and any other device that connects via Bluetooth.


With a few key steps, small businesses can ensure a strong and secure Wi-Fi connection for their employees.

By configuring separate networks for employees and guests, prioritizing devices for essential tasks, and implementing security solutions, businesses can significantly improve their Wi-Fi performance.Additionally, taking steps like avoiding obstacles around the router and minimizing Bluetooth interference can further optimize the signal strength.

Remember, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is crucial for a smooth workflow and a productive work environment.

By following these tips, small businesses can create a connected environment that empowers their employees and keeps the company running efficiently.

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